Press Releases

USAO-MD: Advanced Bionutrition Corporation and David Kyle, its Former CEO, Agree to Settle Claims of Grant Fraud.

USAO-MD: Towson Title Agency Operator Indicted in $3.4 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme. Allegedly Failed to Make Pay Offs to Mortgage Lenders Holding Liens on Properties.

USAO-MD: NSA Employee Indicted, Along with Recycling Company and its Owner and President, in Bribery and Theft Scheme. Indictment Alleges More than $110,000 in Bribes as Part of Scheme to Defraud NSA.

USAO-MD: Husband of Former Carefirst Employee Sentenced to Over 4 Years in Prison for Embezzling $234,000.

SEC: SEC Charges California Telecommunications Company With FCPA Violations.

Main Justice: Woman Sentenced for Fraud, Stealing Checks from Vulnerable Adults.