News that Fits

The District Court’s decision to appoint Stephanie A. Gallagher, 38, co-founder of Levin & Gallagher LLC, as a Federal Magistrate Judge in the District of Maryland will certainly be affirmed by the court of public opinion.  Stephanie has been considered a rising star for years and her star will continue to rise as a Federal Magistrate Judge.  She is respected by her peers and her clients and will no doubt garner the respect of the community once she takes her seat on a bench left vacant by the appointment of a much-respected jurist to the District Court.

I have had the honor of working with Stephanie both in government service, where she proved herself to be a dedicated public servant, and in the private sector, where she has shown herself to be a consummate professional through the exercise of her sound judgment and constant adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Over the course of the five years in which I supervised her at the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland and the years since we have been in private practice together, Stephanie demonstrated that she is an outstanding lawyer and contributing member of the community.  She has a very sharp, analytical mind and uses creative and innovative approaches in attempting to find ways to overcome obstacles in various cases.   

In addition to her legal skills, Stephanie possesses a number of character traits that has brought her widespread respect from all corners of our community. Stephanie’s even-tempered manner, dependability and integrity allow for both colleagues and adversaries to trust and respect her.  Whether she is addressing a client or an adversary and whether it is in a civil matter or a criminal case, Stephanie speaks with a candor and eloquence that is both sensitive and sensible.  

Through our work together, I know Stephanie, a long-time resident of Baltimore, to be a skilled and dedicated lawyer who cares deeply about our community and about the State of Maryland.   Her skills as a lawyer are nothing short of superb, and I have no doubt those same skills will make her shine as the next Federal Magistrate Judge in the District of Maryland.

Levin & Gallagher LLC, soon to be The Levin Law Firm, wishes her (and the District of Maryland) congratulations on this exciting appointment!

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