Press Releases

USAO-MD:  College Park Lawyer Convicted of Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering and Tax Offenses.

USAO-MD:  Maryland Mortgage Fraud Task Force Announces Progress and Plans.

USAO-EDVA:  Virginia Resident Charged with Conspiring to Bribe Former Panamanian Government Officials for Maritime Contract.  The conspiracy to secure maritime contracts allegedly occurred from 1997-2003—can’t we just say that it’s water under the bridge and move on?

USAO-EDVA:  Former Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Participating in Scheme to Steal Large Quantities of Fuel from US Army in Iraq.  On the heels of the above press release, who said oil and water don’t mix?

USAO-EDVA:  Falls Church Man Pleads Guilty to Structuring Cash to Avoid IRS Detection.

Main Justice:  Retired Army Major Sentenced to 57 months in Prison for Role in Bribery Scheme Involving DoD Contracts in Kuwait.

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