News that Fits

Wall Street Journal Blog:  They say anyone can indict a ham sandwich.  The fraud and money laundering case against a kosher plant in Iowa is sort of the opposite of that, no?  Non-criminal illegal immigrants to be housed in converted kosher plants hotels, not jails.

The Maryland Daily Record:  Court of Appeals dismisses Rand case, no reprimand yet for lawyer incivility.

Investigative Voice:  Veteran Baltimore City police officer suspended for raising voice at meeting.

The (Raleigh) News and Observer:  Criminal Defense Attorney Gaskins guilty of money structuring.

The Los Angeles Times:  Global stance against organized crime is urged at Interpol conference.

And finally, from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers:

Below is a list of particularly relevant white collar related news articles and blog postings (in reverse chronological order).  Each of the stories are posted to the NACDL White Collar Crime Website News Feed,, and you can access the text of each by clicking the hyperlinked listing below:

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