News that Fits

The Daily Record: A grand jury has indicted bakery magnate and developer John Paterakis and re-indicted Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen L. Holton on charges of violating campaign finance laws.

Tickle the Wire: Report finds U.S. Attys taking more FBI referrals for prosecution.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Allen Stanford on his life in jail: ‘conditions are intolerable.’ Looks like it is a long way down from the penthouse. These conditions do sound pretty bad, though.

The New York Times: Insider trading fine recommended for ex-EADS chief.

The New York Times: Federal prosecutors have widened their investigation into Swiss banks suspected of selling offshore tax evasion services to wealthy Americans to include a small private bank in Zurich.

The New York Times: A veteran New Jersey political consultant who was among dozens arrested in a huge corruption sweep last week was found dead in his Jersey City apartment on Tuesday.

The AM Law Daily: Trim-looking Madoff surprised SEC didn’t catch him. Prison consultants help Madoff, other white-collar inmates get good digs. Feds in bank fraud case drop all charges against former Greenberg partner. Court refuses to dismiss extortion indictment against former judge. 

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Woman gets 45 months in mortgage fraud.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ponzi suspect allegedly first targeted parents.

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