News that Fits

The New York Times: Six from Sky Capital charged in $140 million fraud.

The New York Times: 13 real estate professionals indicted for fraud.

The New York Times: Top Blagojevich aide pleads guilty to fraud.

The New York Times: Federal prosecutors recommended on Wednesday that a judge impose a 145-year sentence on Marc S. Dreier, the prominent New York lawyer who pleaded guilty to an elaborate scheme in which hedge funds and other investors, as well as clients, lost more than $400 million. Is the Bernie sentencing effect already taking root?

The Washington Post: A former executive of a Pennsylvania defense firm with close ties to Rep. John P. Murtha has agreed to plead guilty to taking bribes from a partner defense company and is cooperating in a federal investigation of Pentagon contracting.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Judicial conference to review  prosecution disclosure obligations.

Southern District of Florida Blog: Paris Hilton being sued for involvement in an entertainment Ponzi scheme. Right, as if Paris is smart enough to pull off a Ponzi scheme, much less understand what one is.

The News & Observer: The former CEO of Durham software company Smart Online and his brother are facing prison sentences after being convicted on stock manipulation charges.

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