News that Fits

Tickle the Wire: Baltimore U.S. Attorney hires 3 prosecutors to work exclusively on gangs.

The New York Times: Maurice R. Greenberg, the former chief executive of the American International Group, sat in a New York courtroom Monday hearing himself described as either a brazen liar or a generous and law-abiding businessman during closing arguments in a trial that accused him of looting $4.3 billion in A.I.G. stock from a retirement plan for top employees.

The Washington Post: A 35-year-old Southeast Washington woman was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for using the purloined identities of Library of Congress employees to purchase nearly $40,000 in goods.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Trade not-so-secrets: Alleged corporate espionage hits Goldman.

The Daily Record: The former general counsel of Rite Aid Corp. is suing a prominent Baltimore law firm, two of its partners and Rite Aid’s convict ex-CEO, alleging their fraud increased his own 10-year sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice. European authorities join in Madoff-related probes. Lawyer charged with forging brother’s will pleads guilty to tax charges.

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