News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun: Jury fails to impose death penalty in ‘Special’ case.  I’m not sure about this, but I think the headline probably should have read “Jury fails to reach a unanimous verdict in death penalty phase of ‘Special’ case.”  But what do we know; we’re just simple bloggers.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Beazer, now an admitted tortfeasor, settles fraud charges.  We have no objection to this headline.

The Washington Post: Staffer at SEC had warned Of Madoff. Lawyer raised alarm, then was pointed elsewhere.

The New York Times: Assemblyman Anthony S. Seminerio, a Democrat from Queens, has resigned his legislative post and will plead guilty on Wednesday to influence-peddling charges.

The New York Times: SEC previews its Madoff report.

Above the Law: Federal Trade Commission goes after recession scam artists. N.J. con man gets 30 years for Ponzi scheme.

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