News that Fits

The New York Times: Supreme Court finds bias against white firefighters. Judge gives Madoff 150-year sentence for ‘extraordinarily evil’ crimes. Former Latham partner gets 15 months in prison for defrauding clients and firm. Ernst & Young sued for allegedly covering up bad audits.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: ‘Nobody . . . is ever going to plead guilty again.’

The Washington Post: Tax scam’s leader to be sentenced today. In weighing plea deal, judge will consider 2 views of Walters: Benevolent or Greedy?

The New York Times: The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking to permanently freeze the assets of a California financier accused of bilking investors until his fraud trial is over.

The New York Times: Justices rule that states can press bank cases.

The New York Times: Private banker moved funds undetected.

The New York Times: White-collar jail terms: Who got what.

The Investigative Voice: Fuel Fraud: City worker charged with stealing diesel since 2007.

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