News that Fits

Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Allen Stanford pleads not guilty; Antiguan regulator in custody.

The Washington Times: Prosecutors to appeal Stanford’s release.

Forbes: Bernie Madoff may have committed the biggest white-collar crime, but he won’t get the longest white-collar sentence.

The Baltimore Sun: Cases against police dropped. Officers in alleged assault and other cases cleared after prosecutor is fired.

The New York Times: Florida Man, a UBS client, pleads guilty to tax fraud.

The Washington Post: Supreme Court says child’s rights violated by strip search.

The Washington Post: A former U.S. attorney and New Jersey’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Thursday defended an arrangement in which one-time Attorney General John Ashcroft’s consulting firm made millions of dollars monitoring a controversial deferred prosecution agreement.

The Washington Post: Deal in works in ex-manager’s kickback case.

The AM Law Daily: Do FDA regulations preempt consumer fraud class actions?

The Blog of the Legal Times: Judge declines to dismiss charges against Abramoff associate accused of helping Abramoff pull off his plot to bribe lawmakers and their aides by lavishing them with free gifts, trips and meals.

The Huffington Post: Webb crime bill moving in house.

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