News that Fits

The Washington Post: Voting Rights Act upheld, but Court hints at change.

The New York Times: Pending appeal, Conrad Black seeks release on bail.

The New York Times: The Justice Department may drop a closely watched legal case aimed at forcing the Swiss bank UBS to divulge the names of 52,000 wealthy American clients suspected of offshore tax evasion.

The New York Times: A South Florida woman pleaded guilty to collecting her dead mother’s federal benefits for six years after her death, all the while the mother’s decomposing body remained in the house the two women shared.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Federal judge questions DOJ prosecution in drug case.

The Washington Times: U.S. Attorney nominee won’t ID all clients.

The Baltimore Sun: Head of Baltimore’s inspector general’s office resigns. SEC claims new territory with insider trading case.

The News & Observer: Black could cut time by helping prosecutors.

The American Bar Association: The American Bar Association urges Congress and the Federal Trade Commission to exempt lawyers from the Red Flags Rule that imposes requirements on creditors to detect the warning signs of identity theft in their day-to-day operations.

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