News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun: Federal judges’ workload to rise. Jurist’s departure will be 2nd vacancy from Md. Bench.

The Baltimore Sun: Lipscomb pleads guilty to violating campaign finance rules. Bribery charges against developer dropped as result of plea agreement.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Two federal judges nominated for appellate court slots.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Judges on ACS panel agree on caseload, pay and shoddy lawyering.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: The Stanford and Madoff Cases: An Early Comparison.

The AM Law Daily: Thursday was an eventful day for Joseph Collins, as the Mayer Brown partner took the witness stand and claimed Refco’s brass lied to him, and that he had no idea the loans he was documenting were designed to hide hundreds of millions of dollars in debt from shareholders, investors, and the private equity firm that eventually agreed to buy the now-defunct company. House impeaches imprisoned federal judge.

NPR: At Astor trial, a parade of rich, famous.

NPR: Stanford charged in alleged $7B Ponzi scheme.

NPR: Prosecutor: Sen. Burris won’t face perjury charge. Juror in Auffenberg case charged with bribing defendant with not-guilty verdict.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Shakeup in roster at U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. William Jefferson’s defense strategy is coming into focus in corruption trial.

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