News that Fits

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: In Jefferson case, feds starting trial down a witness.

The New York Times: Two ex-Madoff traders suing sons for collusion.

The New York Times: U.K. accuses lawyers at U.S. firm of insider trades.

Social Science Research Network: DOJ’s attack on federal judicial leniency, the Supreme Court’s response, and the future of criminal sentencing. A former business executive was sentenced Tuesday to two years of probation for his role in an accounting scandal that cost shareholders of insurer American International Group Inc. more than $500 million.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Superior Court judge to retire in December.

American Bar Association: TARP Compliance and Enforcement: What the legal and financial sectors can expect.

WBAL: Eastern Shore bookkeeper accused of forgery.

WBAL: Garrett man sentenced for taking bribe from inmate.

News & Observer: The former chancellor of North Carolina State University entered a federal courthouse Wednesday to testify to a federal grand jury that is seeking details about a job given to former first lady Mary Easley.

FraudBlawg: Department of Health and Human Services reports $2.4 billion in fraud recovery in first half of 2009.

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