News that Fits

The New York Post: A crooked accounting whiz pleaded guilty yesterday to helping create $1 billion worth of phony tax shelters for big-bucks clients of the BDO Seidman firm.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: A Cold Case: At trial, will Jefferson explain the freezer money?

The New York Times: Judge orders former Bristol-Myers executive to write a book and part of sentence  for making a false statement to the federal government about the company’s efforts to resolve a patent dispute over the blood thinner Plavix.

The New York Times: U.S. presses antitrust inquiry over Google Books.

The New York Times: Bank Of America is paying the legal fees of Angelo R. Mozilo, the Countrywide executive who has been accused of securities fraud and insider trading.

The New York Times: The girlfriend of Samuel Israel III, the hedge fund manager convicted of defrauding investors, was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation, including four months of home confinement, for helping him stage a faked suicide to avoid going to prison.

The New York Times: Seven indicted for fraud in tax shelter case.

The AM Law Daily: Ex-Jenkens lawyer Paul Daugerdas indicted for tax fraud.

The Blog of the Legal Times: DOJ lawyer, Stuart Nash, tapped for D.C. Superior Court. Judge sets bond for Georgia woman in alleged Ponzi scheme.

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