News that Fits

The New York Times: Federal prosecutors said Friday that they had dropped charges against David A. Stockman, the former budget director in the Reagan administration, in connection with his role in the bankrupt auto parts maker Collins & Aikman.

The New York Times: Evergreen Asset Management to pay $40 million to settle SEC case. The company, now a part of Wells Fargo, had been charged with securities law violations for overstating the value of a mutual fund that invested primarily in mortgage-backed securities and then only selectively telling shareholders about the fund’s valuation problems.

The New York Times: Supreme Court will not hear ex-Tyco chief’s appeal of fraud and larceny convictions related to big bonuses that Tyco paid out.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Added to the antitrust mix: a suit over domain names.

The Washington Post: Eight plead guilty in restaurant credit card-skimming scam.

The Daily Record: McCrary award overturned. Guilty verdict for defendants convicted of fraud for pocketing insurance proceeds upheld, but case remanded for re-examination of damages. 

The National Law Journal: U.S. District Judge S. James Otero of the Central District of California granted O’Donnell’s motion to dismiss charges that he allegedly reimbursed employees of his law firm and other individuals for giving $26,000 in campaign contributions to a committee supporting a presidential candidate, believed to be former U.S. Senator John Edwards.

The News & Observer: Mary Easley is fired; Oblinger resigns.

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