News that Fits

Federal Criminal Defense Blog: I’m not a mobster, but I play one on TV. Feds say not so for actor Tony Darrow.

The Wall Street Journal: Judge dismisses anti-trust suit against Intel board.

The Wall Street Journal: Nominee’s criminal rulings tilt to right of Souter.

The Washington Post: Couple accused of spying for Cuba.

The Washington Post: Justice Department leaders quietly transferred two career prosecutors under fire for their work in Alaska corruption cases out of the department’s public integrity section this week as scrutiny of the troubled unit intensifies.

The Washington Post: ATF sting smokes out N.J. cigarette smuggler. Man spent $1.6 million on tobacco in Northern Virginia.

The Washington Post: Killers fear this woman. With steely focus, prosecutor takes on infamous defendants.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog: The U.S. Attorneys Office in Massachusetts indicted the former Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Salvatore F. Dimasi, along with three associates on charges of conspiracy, mail and wire fraud (using the honest services statute), and money laundering.

NPR: Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson is set to go on trial Tuesday on federal bribery and corruption charges.

The New York Times: Opponents of Chrysler sale to Fiat make appeal to Supreme Court.

The New York Times: North Korea sentences two U.S. journalists to 12 years of hard labor.

The New York Times: Bank accused of pushing mortgage deals on blacks.

The National Law Journal: Law firms make easy pickings for embezzlers. Embezzlement seems to be on the upswing during recession.

The National Law Journal: Military JAG Corps report recruitment surge.

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