News That Fits

The New York Times: Antitrust inquiry into hiring at tech giants.

The New York Times: Federal prosecutors drop fraud and theft case against Pittsburgh pathologist.

The New York Times: Ex-U.S. Attorney wins G.O.P. primary in New Jersey.

The New York Times: Convicted Federal District Court judge, Samuel Kent, resigns on eve on impeachment proceedings.

The New York Times: House Republican, John McHugh, is choice for Secretary of the Army. We’re still trying to figure out how they could pass over Lieutenant Colonel Steve Levin for the position. 

The Wall Street Journal: Schapiro vows to improve SEC’s operations.

The Washington Post: Insiders linked to Prince William fraud case. Four accused of bilking county of millions by rigging bids.

The Washington Post: Man admits stealing $500,000 from D.C. nonprofits. For what it’s worth, embezzlement from a nonprofit is probably not a good idea.

The Daily Record: Court administrator sentenced for forging prescription.

The National Law Journal: Former U.S. attorney represents GM dealerships seeking ownership interest.

The National Law Journal: In one of the most significant gun control rulings since Heller last year, the 7th Circuit declines to overturn local handgun bans.

Sentencing and Law Policy: A (significant?) uptick in below-guideline sentences in latest data run from USSC.

YouTube: Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa  talks about the signing of the Federal Enforcement and Recovery Act, a bill he authored, in his weekly video address. This law will beef up the federal government’s ability to investigate and prosecute those who commit mortgage and corporate fraud. The law also marks the most significant changes to the False Claims Act in 23 years.

NBC Miami: Prosecutor gone wild: Miami-Dade prosecutor punches pizza delivery lady.

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