News that Fits

The Wall Street Journal Blog: Former Enron executive pleads guilty and could get home confinement.

The Wall Street Journal Blog: Plaintiffs attorney, Gene Cauley, officially pleaded guilty in court yesterday to charges of wire fraud and criminal contempt.

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. cracks down on corporate bribes.

The New York Times: Kmart Confidential: Jury finds ex-C.E.O. liable for misleading investors about the company’s cash crisis in the months before its 2002 bankruptcy.

The New York Times: Despite bleak economy, crime numbers take positive turn.

Sentencing Law and Policy: Ninth Circuit finds another within-guideline sentence for illegal immigration charges substantively unreasonable.

Tickle the Wire: Federal prosecutors in Barry Bond’s perjury case say judge abused her discretion when she made alleged positive steroid tests and other key evidence off-limits during the trial.

SCOTUSblog: Conrad Black applies for bail in executive fraud conviction while his case is being reviewed by the Supreme Court.

The Washington Post: Harriet Walters, the last to be sentenced in a massive D.C. tax office embezzlement case, cites troubled childhood as defense.

The Raleigh News & Observer: Two plead guilty to bribery to speed ethanol plant.

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