SEC News

Congratulations to Daniel M. Gallagher, who has been asked to serve as co-acting Director of the SEC Division of Trading and Markets.   (This is probably a good time to mention that, in the interest of full disclosure, Dan Gallagher is the husband of our very own Stephanie A. Gallagher and, not coincidentally, the father of her children.) 

Dan, a huge Phillies fan, was named Deputy Director of the Division in 2008 after working on market regulation and enforcement matters as a counselor to former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and former SEC Commissioner Paul S. Atkins. In those capacities, Dan, a huge Eagles fan, worked on major rulemakings including the implementation of the Credit Rating Agency Reform Act and several broker-dealer initiatives. Dan, a huge 76ers fan, was formerly the General Counsel of a clearing broker-dealer, and he began his career in private practice advising clients on broker-dealer regulatory and enforcement matters. Dan, perhaps a Flyers fan, earned his J.D., magna cum laude, from the Catholic University of America, and he received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.  While at Georgetown, he met the amazing Stephanie A. Gallagher, one of the two best lawyers at Levin & Gallagher LLC.  Oh, Dan might be from the Philadelphia area.

One thought on “SEC News

  1. I started out chuxkling, but I laughed out loud when I got to the line, “perhaps a Flyers fan.”. And the 1 of 2 best lawyers line was classic. Congratulations, Dan!

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