News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun:  Nancy Siegel gets 33 years in prison for fraud.  (Oh, and murder too).  Here’s the article from The Washington Post.

The Baltimore Sun:  Baltimore City Mayor Dixon fights for a dismissal of charges in public corruption case.

The Baltimore Sun:  FBI probes financial dealings of lawyer who killed family and self. 

The Washington Post:  City investigates alleged cheating on EMT test.

The Washington Post:  Freddie Mac official who commits suicide spoke of resigning.

NPR:  Holder will enforce law on interrogations.

NPR:  Was critical note muzzled by the Bush White House?

The Maryland Daily Record:  Maryland business owner, Robert Bontempo, pleads guilty to hiring illegal aliens and money laundering.

The News and Observer:  Feds say criminal defense lawyer, Johnny Gaskins, shielded deposits.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly:  Virginia lawyer, J. Edward Moyler Jr., admits theft of $4 million.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly:  Feds say nurse’s aide stole identities from nursing home residents.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly:  Lawyer charged with embezzling from firm.

The Blog of LegalTimes:  Sentencing dispute poses “mess” for DC Circuit Panel.

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