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Congratulations to Jason M. Weinstein, who has been asked to serve as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division.  AUSA Weinstein is a 1990 graduate of Princeton University (where he served as President of his class) and GW Law School (where he more often than not attended class.  Actually, he must have gone to class.  He did, after all, graduate cum laude).  Mr. Weinstein has previously served as a special investigative counsel in the DOJ IG office and as an AUSA in SDNY.  Also, he signed my ketubah.  While with SDNY, Mr. Weinstein was awarded the prestigious Director’s Award for his prosecution of a lawyer-gone-bad.  AUSA Weinstein, clearly a lawyer-gone-good, currently serves as the Chief of the Violent Crime Section in the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland.  He has been in the Maryland office since 2002. 

AUSA Weinstein’s accomplishments in his current office are numerous and include the development of Project Exile, a cooperative approach among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to combat Maryland’s violent crime problem.  Project Exile has been lauded by several officials recently for its success in reducing violent crime over the past few years.  Other accomplishments include two awesome kids, a great wife, and his uncanny ability to quote the entire script of Trading Places and most episodes of Seinfeld.

AUSA Weinstein also served as co-counsel in several significant prosecutions in the District of Maryland, including the Dawson family murder/arson case, the Tyree Stewart case, the Howard and Raeshio Rice RICO case, and the prosecution of former Baltimore City Police Commissioner Ed Norris on public corruption charges.

Mr. Weinstein’s rich sense of humor, brilliant but unpretentious manner, and extraordinary managerial skills will serve him well in his new job.

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