News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun:  Maryland State Senator Bromwell corruption case data may be unsealed.  See this related article in the Maryland Daily Record blog.

The Baltimore Sun:  Lost evidence leads to lost case, as prosecutors are forced to dismiss case against alleged prostitutes.  How convenient…

The Washington Post:  Arrest data add fuel to debate on illegal residents.

The Washington Times:  Top State Department official sought bonus after bailout.

The Washington Times:  Department of Homeland Security warns of radicals on the right.

The Legal Times:  Senator Ted Stevens rejected plea deal.

The Legal Times:  The search for the next DC US Attorney begins.

The NYTimes Blog (Dealbook):  Tarp Cop looking for cooked books.

The NYTimes Blog (Dealbook):  Qwest’s ex-chief is ordered to prison.

Tickle The Wire blog:  Federal Magistrate’s son goes to Federal prison after first going to Federal court in Baltimore.

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