News that Fits

The Washington Post:  Falls Church, VA, funeral home investigated for “disturbing methods.” 

The Washington Post:  Illegal immigrants will soon be driving illegally in Maryland. 

The Baltimore Sun:  Mayor Dixon’s lawyers move to dismiss indictment.

The (Raleigh) News and Observer:  Panel rules judge misused his power.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Judge rejects Michael Vick’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Man guilty of obstruction of justice in Taliaferro murder case.

The Maryland Daily Record:  According to a federal judge, drinking and exotic dancers do mix.    The Daily Record discusses the opinion in this editorial.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Don’t hate the player. Mob tape played at sentencing hearing.

NPR:  US officials scramble to revamp detainee policies.

And then there’s this news, in case you were wondering what we will be doing tomorrow night:

The Daily Tar Heel:  UNC moves on to final game.

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