News that Fits

The Blog of the Legal Times:  Obama taps Judge Davis for the Fourth Circuit.  Senators Mikulski and Cardin welcomed the nomination with this press release.  The Fourth Circuit welcomed Judge Davis with this opinion.  

Tickle the Wire:  Allan Lengel writes that DoJ failed to deliver justice in the case against Ted Stevens.

Investigative Voice:  Maryland prosecutors bring criminal charges for campaign finance lapses.

The Baltimore Sun: Three Baltimore City police officers charged with civil rights violations.

The Washington Post:  Feds seize Madoff’s yacht, mansion, small boat.

The Washington Post:  US to ask court to dismiss charges against Stevens.

The Washington Post:  Virginia Senators recommend candidates for US Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Former BetOnSports CEO pleads guilty to federal racketeering charges.

NPR:  Wave of fraud cases stretches FBI ranks.

New York Law Journal:  Former law firm partner (not ours) draws prison term in KPMG tax shelter scandal.

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