News that Fits

It was a slow white collar crime news day here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, so we go elsewhere for news this evening, both geographically and topically:

Newsweek:  High Court speculation focuses on Souter, Ginsburg & Stevens.

Newsweek:  White House seen as undercutting Clinton and Holder on assault weapons ban.

Wall Street Journal:  Card check seen as violating Constitutional right to anonymous speech.

Newsweek:  Detainee Aamer poses dilemma for US.

The Hill:  Petraeus “wouldn’t necessarily agree” with Cheney that US is less safe under Obama.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:  Palm Beach County FL commissioner pleads guilty to corruption charges.

Boston Globe:  Indicted Boston city councilor to seek removal of protective order.

Newsday:  Colombo associate sentenced to 18 months for extortion.

Corpus Christi Caller Times:  Four charged with Medicare fraud in Texas.

National Journal:  DoJ seen as shifting priority toward White Collar Crime, away from terrorism.

US News Weekly‘s Alex Kingsbury writes that White Collar Crime probes strain FBI’s resources.

Time:  Current recession described as fallout from 80’s excess.

Newsweek:  CEO’s criticized for laying blame on “legacy” costs.

Financial Times:  Antigua considering criminal probe of Stanford land deal.

USA Today:  Immigration courts dealing with huge backlog.

Time:  CPB reports upsurge in “illegal immigration by sea.”

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