News that Fits

The Washington Post:  Man faces trial for sending threatening emails to Virginia Tech students.

The New York Times:  Star lobbyist closes shop amid FBI inquiry.

Dealbook (NYTimes blog):  Bank of America accused in Ponzi lawsuit.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Is this what the Feds mean by “wire fraud”?  Store owner’s hidden back-up cameras show bad cops snipping security camera wires.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Accused by police, acquitted man credits police tape.

Los Angeles Times:  Facing fraud charges, KB Home CEO Bruce Karatz gets both blame and acclaim.

The New York Times:  Where there’s a will there’s a way, or The Do’s and Don’ts of Estate Planning.  Brooke Astor’s son facing charges that he took advantage of his mum to gain access to her fortune.

And in the “Just because I can” department:

The News and Observer:  Tarheels head to Final Four.

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