News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun:  New details emerge in City Hall corruption case.

The Washington Post:  Ex-lobbyist emerges as top candidate for US Attorney.

The Washington Post:  Prosecutors allege Marion Barry owes $277,000 in back taxes.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Identity-theft complaints rise in Virginia.

USA Today:  IRS tells offshore account holders to fess up to lower penalties.

The New York Times:  Juvenile convictions overturned in Pennsylvania.  FBI agent pleads guilty to having an affair with the wife of a man he was investigating.  Insert your own joke here.

E! Online:  Wesley Snipes, having been convicted on tax charges, is feeling the heat from a party in Dubai.  Federal prosecutors oppose his travel overseas. Marion Barry, on the other hand, would like to go with him.

NPR:  Girl, 14, faces porn charges for nude photos of herself.

ABA Journal:  NY art dealer accused in $88 million fraud.

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