News that Fits

The Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Miami Businessman, Edward Okun, convicted of fraud in Virginia.

The Chicago Tribune:  Kenyan couple accused of scamming $800,000.00 from Carmelite sisters.

The Washington Examiner:  As we predicted weeks ago, FBI examining medical billing fraud allegations against DC-area doctors.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  FBI says its probe of “Fumo World” not over.

New York Law Journal:  Madoff stays put.

Bloomberg News:  Nacchio wins delay in prison surrender date.

The AP:  Dreier pleads not guilty, but lawyer says plea agreement likely.

The Wall Street Journal:  Former mortgage executive sentenced in Fannie Mae fraud.

The AP:  SEC drops options suit against McAfee counsel.

The Financial Times:  Indicted Stanford executive sues Lloyds to pay legal fees.

The Charlottesville Daily Progress:  FBI recorded conversations of Virginia man charged in Ponzi scheme.

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