News that Fits

The Washington Post:  Former Bush aide sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The Washington Post:  Two police officers accused of cheating have left the force.

The Washington Post:  Is this some kind of bust or what?  DC police officer arrested in anti-prostitution sting.

The Baltimore Sun:  Two police officers face suspension in web site incident.

The New York Times:  It’s not just police officers who engage in misconduct.  As jurors turn to Fraud With Peril websites, mistrials are popping up.

The Wall Street Journal:  Prosecutors seek more Madoff assets, including funds lent to sons.

The AP:  US unseals Dreier superseding indictment, boosting fraud total to $700 million.

The Seattle Times:  Federal investigators aggressively pursuing Washington Mutual probe.

The Belleville (Illinois) News-Democrat:  Mayor’s assistant indicted on tax, theft charges.

The Wall Street Journal:  Crackdown on tax havens criticized.

And in military justice news:

The AP:  We sure hope military law is better than military medicine.  Air Force nurse charged in 3 patients’ deaths.  (Hat Tip to “Bobby” Don Gifford).

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