News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun:  Maryland ranked 5th nationally in mortgage fraud in 2008.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Former State Senator Vincent Fumo convicted of all 137 counts  in federal corruption trial.

The Financial Times:  Alleged Stanford fraud said to exceed the complexity even of Madoff’s.

Bloomberg News:  US Marshal, Federal Receiver take custody of purported Stanford yacht.

The Wall Street Journal:  Copyright dispute over Obama poster examined.

Newsweek:  UBS tax avoidance schemes likened to espionage.

The Las Vegas Sun:  Nevada anti-tax group members dispute criminal allegations.

AP:  Texas man ordered to repay $71 million stolen in Ponzi scheme.

The Washington Post:  No lie–Cheney, Bush strongly disagreed on Libby.

The Washington Post:  MVP (Most Valuable Prosecutor?): Former DOJ lawyer to lead NFL Players Association.

San Antonio Express-News:  Another plea of guilty set in the case of Iraq bribes.

WBAL:  (Bad) Luck of the Irish:  Shamrock seeds seized at Dulles International Airport.

USAToday:  Ex-Detroit mayor’s former top aide out of jail.

Air Force Times:  Pool Party Pooper:  JAG warns against March Madness office pools. (Hat Tip to “Bobby” Don Gifford)

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