News that Fits

The Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Prosecution rests in $132 million Edward Okun fraud trial.

LawyersUSA:  We are posting this interesting article which addresses whistleblower claims against drug companies, even if it is a little outside of our focus (or, one might say, “off-label”):  Plaintiffs’ lawyers press off-label drug marketing suits.

The Washington Post:  How will Obama fill the US Attorney postsAs I wait for his call, the answer remains unclear.

The Washington Post:  A DC government official is accused of bribery.  I await his call as well.

The Recorder:  Feds accused of vindictiveness in prosecution.  You know, as a former Assistant US Attorney, let me assure those prosecutors out there—you really can’t call yourself a trial lawyer until you’ve been accused of vindictiveness.  (Hat Tip to

The Legal Intelligencer:  Feds turn their sights on a third PA judge as part of a corruption probe(Another Hat Tip to  Apparently, you can’t really call yourself a government official until you’ve been accused of corruption.

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