Press Releases

USAO-MD A stimulus package of another sort:  Maryland man sentenced in scheme to steal $588,000.00 from an armored car.

As noted in the following press releases from the USAO-DC, leaving Federal government service can have negative consequences.  As a former Federal prosecutor, this frightens me:

Former record searcher for Federal government pleads guilty to fraud.

Former background investigator for Federal government pleads guilty to making a false statement.

Former background investigator for Federal government sentenced to over two years for making false statements.

Former employee of the 2004 John Kerry For President campaign pleads guilty to bank fraud and conspiracy to steal US mail.

Main JusticeAlthough this next press release involves a case outside of our geographic area, I wanted to reassure our readers (both of them) that not only former Federal government employees were making headlines today.  Sometimes, it’s former residents of New Jersey:  International crime figure and former NJ resident pleads guilty to $138 million fuel tax scheme after nearly 13 years as a fugitive.  Well, you can’t really blame him for fleeing New Jersey.

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