News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun:  Inmate, former guard indicted in extortion case.

Exhibit A Baltimore (blog):  A new angle in email scams.

The Daily Record:  Task Force targeting Maryland’s high mortgage fraud areas.

The Washington Post:  Marion Barry’s kidney transplant may help him avoid jail.

The Baltimore City Paper:  A criminal defense attorney fights to keep the feds off his fees.  Van Smith continues to follow the money, or at least the story of the money.

The Baltimore Sun:  In this article, Annie Linskey discusses new developments in the City Hall corruption case.  While doing so, she quotes a former federal prosecutor.

ABA Journal:  The SEC had looked into the Stanford Group in 2005; Why didn’t the Feds act sooner?  (See here for another article about a Stanford employee forced out after asking too many questions.)

The Washington Post:  Marion Barry has apparently filed his 2007 tax returns.  Why didn’t he act sooner?

The Washington Post:  Bilking and guns don’t mix.  Man who defrauded homeowners pleads guilty to shooting spree.

The New York Times:  No one  practicing law in Federal Court will be surprised to read that a recent study shows a sharp rise in Latino Federal convicts.  But we may be surprised to read that only about 1 in 5 illegal immigrants are deported  following a hearing.

The Baltimore Sun:  Immigration news continues in this article reporting that ICE agents were urged to round up “more bodies.”  Not sure why, since they are not likely to be deported anyway.  (See The New York Times piece above)

The Washington Times:  As reported here, anti-spy officials move on after IG review.

Tickle The Wire (blog):  Murray Waas reports that at least nine Bush Administration officials refused to cooperate with various Justice Department investigations during the final days of the Bush presidency.

Tickle The Wire (blog):  Ex-Representative Jefferson takes his appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Blog of The Legal Times:  Energy company, former employee and DoJ spar on appeal.

The Blog of The Legal Times:  Court forces Obama to move quickly in subpoena case.