News that Fits

The Washington Post:  This article on Immigration focuses on conflicting accounts of  a not-very-nICE raid in Maryland.

The Washington Post:  Del Quentin Wilber reports on a Judge’s refusal to dismiss charges against Blackwater Xe Guards.  This is an interesting case if only for the use of the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act of 2000, amended in 2004, which grants the government jurisdiction over those working “in support of”  Defense Department missions (whatever that means).  According to the Judge, it means whatever the jury or judge (after the presentation of evidence) says it means.

Fraud With Peril:  The above article is made even more interesting because of the strange case of James L. Adolph. Although I have no idea why this case has not made headlines, it should.  Adolph, a civilian contractor, sits in pre-trial confinement in Kuwait pending a court-martial.   This has not happened (and by “this” I am referring to the court-martial of a non-military US citizen)  in over 35 years and is made possible as a result of an ill-conceived 2006 amendment to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as noted in Adolph’s motion filed in US District Court for the District of Columbia.   If Mr. Adolph is destined to be prosecuted, the military, and the country, would be better off if the US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Oklahoma, where Adolph apparently owns property, opted to prosecute him instead.  Stay tuned. 

The Washington Post:  Del Quentin Wilber had a busy day yesterday, and in this article he reports that six prosecutors are no longer part of the Stevens case.   And to think that I was glad simply to have one co-counsel when I was prosecuting cases!

The Baltimore Sun:  Mayor Dixon told a reporter that she was “floored” by the indictment recently returned against her.   Interestingly, and perhaps ironically, one of her attorneys at a recent news conference almost hit the roof.

The Baltimore Business Journal:  The SEC alleges an $8 Billion fraud by the Stanford Group, which had briefly considered changing its name to the Xe Group.  Here is the complaint.

Fraud With Peril:  The SEC was almost as busy as Del Quentin Wilber yesterday and charged Research In Motion and four senior executives with Stock Option Backdating.  Here is that complaint.

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