News that Fits

The Blog of The Legal Times:  Feds set sights on “Gatekeepers” in Fraud Investigations (Hat Tip to Neil Sonnett). 

In this article, Joe Palazzolo reports that “Federal law enforcement officials are targeting lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers [among others] who perpetrated fraud that contributed to the current economic crisis.”

The Blog of The Legal Times:  Maryland woman charged with smuggling high-tech equipment to China.

WBAL:  Former City Administrator charged with theft and counterfeiting. 

The Baltimore SunWhite-Collar defendants are given some slack in reporting to federal prison.

Baltimore City Paper:  Federal Prosecutors investigate criminal defense attorney.  (While not technically a white collar matter, it does make for good reading.)

The Daily Record:  Maryland Judges warned not to ask defendants about their immigration status.

The Washington Post:  Federal Agency aided Maryland spying.

The Washington Post:  Should Marion Barry go to jail for failing to file his tax returns (or should he be given a cabinet appointment?)  For background, see this initial article, quoting a former federal prosecutor.

The Daily News:  Ex-VP Cheney outraged that “Scooter” Libby did not receive a full pardon.

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